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Our history

The chronicle


Company founded by Alexander Hörtnagl. Combination and special pliers were produced by the 8 employees.


After the early death of the company founder, his son Alfred Hörtnagl took over the company at 20 years of age.


The production of cast-iron construction and furniture fittings began.


The ever growing demand resulted in an expansion of the company to 4 production facilities over the following years. The number of the employees increased to 40.


The „Ferienland Stubai“ apartment block opened under the management of daughters, Isolde and Elfriede Hörtnagl.


The company moved to the newly created company buildings at the Fulpmes industrial premises (current location).


Son Alexander Hörtnagl entered the company management. halcö becomes a supplier to the stove industry in cooperation with a local partner.

1988 - 90

A new modular NC-device system is developed and successfully marketed. Cooperation with CNC-machine producers is pursued.

1992 - 93

Development of a design fitting made from stainless steel (construction and furniture fittings and introduction of the required production measures. Marketing to the specialist trade is successfully established throughout Germany through trade representatives.


Following a technical development in 1996, halcö became a top quality supplier in the stainless steel sector (kitchen industry, furnishings industry etc.)

1996 - 99

A new modular construction fittings system (stainless steel handles) was developed and successfully marketed with a leading panel door producer from Germany. The programme was distinguished by its enormous diversity.

2000 - 2002

Registered design protection and patent registration in the furniture and door handles sector for modular constructions.


Through targeted investment, a processing cooperation was established with the company STUBAI-KSHB.

since 2005

Expansion of modern machinery and ongoing maximum automation through robot technology.


Son Georg Hörtnagl entered the company.